Big Whew!

Hello there!

It must be weird to be posting in the middle of my Prelims. But I’m just so happy! Lalalala… 😀
I have a feeling people will think i’m crazy, but hey, people have feelings! Yes! Even a Cherry!
Well, anywayz, today, I went for my English Prelim Oral. I was SO scared at first. Then, when I saw the PICTURE! I screamed in pure joy. It was EASY. I can’t believe myself too. First time I agreed something related to English was EASY. But it was.
And then, I was thinking about the possible Conversation Topic. What surprised me 10 times more was that, the conversation topic I guessed was the EXACT topic the teacher asked me. That was when I made the second scream of the day. 😉
I am just really really happy that I was so lucky to do this easy picture!!!!

A girl who is WAY too excited for her own good

Freaking out…


I seriously don’t know why I still have time to post on my blog. But I do as a matter of fact.
Well, I AM freaking out. Like totally. Tomorrow is my Prelim Oral and I am absolutely unprepared. Why oh why does the year past by so fast?
Yikes. Gotta do more revision now.

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Feeling Terrible

Hiya There.

Just to stat, this is a personal post so you won’t understand it. I’m just trying to relieve myself of my jumbled-up feelings. Please don’t comment or ask questions or anything.
I feel… Weird. There is anger, sadness, self-pity, craze. Its all sort of mixed up. When I see that person, I feel that I would explode with all these emotions.
It is not something I should feel for that person at this time and age so I dare not tell my parents. As for my friends, for one they would not get it and for another I don’t have a real good friends that I can confide to.
That person hates me a lot, scolds me, curse me and laugh at me. That is when I feel like crying.
At the same time, a nice person too. That when I feel happy.
When that person blames me for everything in the world that goes wrong, I will feel angry.
When I am around that person, I will be unable to act normally, thats when I feel crazy.
Self-pity? Easy. Every second of my life
I really don’t know what to do about myself. Its like I changed. Im not, me.

A Girl who wishes to live in a Fantasy World
Cherry ❤

Feeling Depressed…

Greetings People,

I am sorry if I don’t add any Emoji in this Entry. I’m just getting really stressed. Next Monday (which is 5 days away), will be my dreaded Prelim Oral. I just suddenly realise that I am so close to my Graduation Exam.
Actually, I am not really that stressed but I get real depressed because of my mother, friends, classmate and teachers.
Morning… ”…so you must make time to do some oral revision…”
Afternoon… ”…So you should spend some time on…”
Night… ”…So this revision is necessary…”
Friends/Classmate: ”OMG!!! You haven’t revise this yet? I already done…”
Teachers: ”…You know how little time we have left, and you are still daydreaming and…”

See what I mean?
Even the happiest kid in my class is freaking out because of peer pressure and stress. Now I truly understand why many people will break down just before PSLE. I have a feeling I will just ‘run out of battery’ one of these days. Wish me good luck and hope I don’t die!

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The Date for Chinese New Year

Hello. 😀

I know this is very sudden cuz it is July and very far away from Chinese New Year.

But I will explain why I say this.

It was a perfectly peaceful evening and I was randomly typing into my Class Assignment Google Doc. I gave an example of when does Chinese New Year happen. I was about to type the answer down. AND THEN. I stopped. Why? You will be thinking, like duh! But not me. I WAS STUCK. 😥 I just realized I am not at all sure which month it is in. 

  1. Option 1: January
  2. Option 2: February
  3. Option 3: Somewhere in between.

This is how crazy I have become. I feel totally guilty. I must go memorize the history book again. 

*making a small note somewhere in my brain to go read up on festival dates* 

Tut tut. I guess thats about it for today. Goodnight!

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I am posting way too many entries today…

Hello. AGAIN.

I Just have ONE major problem. I think i screwed up my blog. Ahh!!! Somehow, the image is password protected. WHAT?!!! Oh and guess what, my posts all sound real weird. But that is me! I am a weirdo, my blog HAS to be weird. Sigh. -_-

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RGS DSA Interview

Hiya there!
This Entry is about my experience during my RGS DSA Interview and the Questions asked. 🙂
All in all, the experience was not THAT bad. 😛 The teachers were… Cool?
The worst part of my interview was BEFORE it began. The reason was because I went to RGS 30mins earlier than my due time. So, the interviewee saw me sitting there and he was like, ”Oh, you are early! Come join this group!” I was really shocked so my heart was pumping real hard but my mind was blank!!! 😛
Ok. I believe the question are more important so here goes:
–> In one sentence, introduce yourself.
–> Why do you wish to come to RGS?
–> What are the things you like about RGS that other school does not include?
–> Is it because RGS is a ‘branded’ school, you do not bother checking up on other schools?
–> What is a good school?
–> What are the problems of accepting students to a school only based on their exam results?
–> What are questions you would like to ask us?

This is about it. I cant really remember everything cuz there were a lot of sub questions following the main questions. 🙂
If a person reading this post happens to be preparing for DSA, i hope this info can help you. And BTW, Good Luck for your Interview! 😀

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All About a Cherry

Hello there! 😀

This I believe is my first post?

So, I will begin with a slight introduction in bulletpoint form! ^.^

–> I am called Cherry. (Age 12)
–> I love Drawing.
–> My Fav. Colour is Purple! 😛
–> I am very sentimental.
–> love to listen to SONGS!!! (Sang by SNSD, Taylor Swift, Avril Lavigne, Amy Diamond etc.)
–> I am addicted to Korean Drama Serials. (Like “Lie to me” etc)

This is about it for now. You will know me better in the Blog Entries, dun worry. 🙂

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