RGS DSA Interview

Hiya there!
This Entry is about my experience during my RGS DSA Interview and the Questions asked. 🙂
All in all, the experience was not THAT bad. 😛 The teachers were… Cool?
The worst part of my interview was BEFORE it began. The reason was because I went to RGS 30mins earlier than my due time. So, the interviewee saw me sitting there and he was like, ”Oh, you are early! Come join this group!” I was really shocked so my heart was pumping real hard but my mind was blank!!! 😛
Ok. I believe the question are more important so here goes:
–> In one sentence, introduce yourself.
–> Why do you wish to come to RGS?
–> What are the things you like about RGS that other school does not include?
–> Is it because RGS is a ‘branded’ school, you do not bother checking up on other schools?
–> What is a good school?
–> What are the problems of accepting students to a school only based on their exam results?
–> What are questions you would like to ask us?

This is about it. I cant really remember everything cuz there were a lot of sub questions following the main questions. 🙂
If a person reading this post happens to be preparing for DSA, i hope this info can help you. And BTW, Good Luck for your Interview! 😀

A girl who wishes to live in a fantasy

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