The Date for Chinese New Year

Hello. 😀

I know this is very sudden cuz it is July and very far away from Chinese New Year.

But I will explain why I say this.

It was a perfectly peaceful evening and I was randomly typing into my Class Assignment Google Doc. I gave an example of when does Chinese New Year happen. I was about to type the answer down. AND THEN. I stopped. Why? You will be thinking, like duh! But not me. I WAS STUCK. 😥 I just realized I am not at all sure which month it is in. 

  1. Option 1: January
  2. Option 2: February
  3. Option 3: Somewhere in between.

This is how crazy I have become. I feel totally guilty. I must go memorize the history book again. 

*making a small note somewhere in my brain to go read up on festival dates* 

Tut tut. I guess thats about it for today. Goodnight!

A girl who wishes to live in a Fantasy World.



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