Feeling Depressed…

Greetings People,

I am sorry if I don’t add any Emoji in this Entry. I’m just getting really stressed. Next Monday (which is 5 days away), will be my dreaded Prelim Oral. I just suddenly realise that I am so close to my Graduation Exam.
Actually, I am not really that stressed but I get real depressed because of my mother, friends, classmate and teachers.
Morning… ”…so you must make time to do some oral revision…”
Afternoon… ”…So you should spend some time on…”
Night… ”…So this revision is necessary…”
Friends/Classmate: ”OMG!!! You haven’t revise this yet? I already done…”
Teachers: ”…You know how little time we have left, and you are still daydreaming and…”

See what I mean?
Even the happiest kid in my class is freaking out because of peer pressure and stress. Now I truly understand why many people will break down just before PSLE. I have a feeling I will just ‘run out of battery’ one of these days. Wish me good luck and hope I don’t die!

A girl who wishes to live in a Fantasy World

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