Big Whew!

Hello there!

It must be weird to be posting in the middle of my Prelims. But I’m just so happy! Lalalala… 😀
I have a feeling people will think i’m crazy, but hey, people have feelings! Yes! Even a Cherry!
Well, anywayz, today, I went for my English Prelim Oral. I was SO scared at first. Then, when I saw the PICTURE! I screamed in pure joy. It was EASY. I can’t believe myself too. First time I agreed something related to English was EASY. But it was.
And then, I was thinking about the possible Conversation Topic. What surprised me 10 times more was that, the conversation topic I guessed was the EXACT topic the teacher asked me. That was when I made the second scream of the day. 😉
I am just really really happy that I was so lucky to do this easy picture!!!!

A girl who is WAY too excited for her own good

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