Hello there, I just randomly saw this picture on Google Images and I was like “Hahaha…”. 😀 It is hilarious. You like it?

Success or Failure

Good Day, people reading this blog,

I am in the middle of putting on my second earring on my ear while thinking about my mother’s golden words.

Guess what i did next? I just threw down the second earring and start typing away at my blog. Yes, this very post.

do you call me again? Ay. Crazy. Idiot. Nuts.

Hey. I have my reasons.

Well, anyways, the beautiful, poem-like words are here: “Sweetie, I’m truly glad that you actually got through the DSA. It is a Success indeed. But I want you to know this, if you did not pass through DSA. I might not say this Failure was not worth it.”

Her meaning is that failure can instead teach me this lesson. Sometimes, we are forever at the top, the more academically-inclined, we will have this misunderstanding that we are really very good. However, we fail to realise that we are like a ‘frog in a well’. There are so many more schools in my country that I am just that one in a million top students. Most likely not the best.

So, my mother told me that if I did fail the DSA, it will be a good lesson to tell me to be humble, have the realisation that I’m not neccessarily the very best. Even if I was, passing is not a 100%.

In any case, I feel that my mother’s golden words have once again deeply touched me. And I hope you guys reading my post understand my jumbled-up, random typings. 🙂

For now, lemme try and get my second earring on. 😛

(P.S. I got in DSA for RGS! Yay! This is actually a really late newWhats but I still wanna share it with you guys (and gals). 😀 )

A Girl who wishes to live in a Fantasy World

A Precious Life


Again, I have to mention. I’m sorry I haven’t been posting much cause i am taking a VERY important exam lately and am very stressed up. Today, (For me) is a Saturday, so i can take a short break. 🙂

Anyways, am writing this post after my mom told me this recent news. It was about how a Grandpa was trying to park his car when he accidentally pressed the wrong button and his Grandson at the backseat got into an accident and his leg was clear cut off.

I was, very horrified + creeped out + angry + sad. But thats not the point. After a LOT of reflection the past few days. I realise, how precious each and every of our lives are.

But, not everyone realises this. They take everyday for granted and slack through them.

If they see how easily a life can be lost or fractured. How playing at a playground can make your hand get broken (My brother), how taking a ship into sea can lose your life (Titanic). They will not waste their life. They will fufil their dreams as early as fast as possible. They will make sure , every hour, every minute, every second of their life is used to the fullest.

Maybe it is because not everyone knows this, so when they wind up in the hospital. They cry. They cry in regret. They regret not doing something before it is too late. Before they realise they have cancer. Before they realise their leg is to be amputated.

If everyone understands this. Maybe, life can be saved from accidents. Even if it is impossible to save, they will have no regrets for they already fufiled their dreams. Its just so simple.

I know that my name probably makes you imagine I am a silly girl always dreaming, dreaming about happy endings. Maybe sometimes when i just cannot comprehend the cruely reality of life, i may choose to slip into Fantasy to escape it. But I’m not an idiot. At least I understand what life truly is, and am doing my best to use up every single second. And right now, i am purposefully using it to tell you guys about my realisations in hopes that others will be able to live life to their fullest.

A girl who wishes to live in a Fantasy World

Examinations. Aish.

Hello. Cheerios. Whatever.

Aish. I don’t see why P6s just cannot lead a normal life and have to be treated unfairly by teachers and parents…

P1 kid,”mummy, can i watch TV?”
Mom: Yes.
P6 kid,”mom, can i watch TV? Pls lah.”
Mom: No. Go do homework

P1 kid,”i wanna go shopping!”
Mom: Okie. Lets go! 🙂
P6 kid,”Can go shopping?”
Mom: No. Do homework.

P1 kid,”mummy, im too tired to do homework.”
Mom: its alright, go take a rest.
P6 kid,”mom, can rest?”
Mom: You so fast tired? Everyday don’t do homework. Go do lah!

See what i mean? How is this not being bias? Uh.

A girl who wishes to live in a fantasy

Stress and Nerves


Yes, thats me.
Yes. Thats STILL me.
I an getting real bad nerves right here, in my room. I am freaking out like a lunatic. My mom would have called me crazy if she was at home. Trust me. You dun wanna hear me scream.
You should be thinking why i am going mad.
Tomorrow is the official starting of my PSLE exam. And. I feel like my mind is blANK. Yes. Blank. Im so gonna flunk my Oral tomorrow. O.o
But then you would be curious why i still have time to come and write a post.
1. I haven’t written for quite a few days.
2. Only when I ‘relieve’ myself, then I can actually sit down and revise.

I have a feeling if I dun start revising now, im seriously gonna fail. So bye. For now.

A Girl who wishes to live in a Fantasy World

I am SO crazy


You will never know how ashamed, how guilty, how… how angry I am with myself. How can I be such a terrible jerk? 

She is my best friend for three long years! And yet… yet I am hating her so much SO much just because of what happened between me and him.

I am so ashamed of what I am doing, flaring up at her for a single sentence she says.

But then again, I can’t stop myself from hating her. I have gotten too deep into him to just let go. Its gonna take much more than A while.

Maybe what I can do is say sorry. to her. 


A Girl Weeping Deep Inside


Imagination Runs Wild…

Good Afternoon (or morning or night)! 😀

“But how can you live without imagining things? Its horrible!” – Anne of Green Gables

I agree. Totally. 

Many people don’t though. Like teachers. Like parents. 

Every second, I can imagine, imagine I am a murderer. Imagine I am a Princess (Hey, a girl has a dream!). Imagine I am a mother. I can imagine so many things to make life much better than it actually is. Without this Imagination of mine, like Anne, I will die. Life is just too horrible without imagination. 

However, my parents and teachers doesn’t agree with that. 

My mother: “Stop dreaming and do your Homework!”

My Father: “Aiya, dream, dream, dream my foot lah!”

My Teacher: “Are you listening to me? Stop dreaming! Pay attention!” 

See what I mean! They have lost the meaning of life when they feel that Imagination is useless, time-wasting. But trust me, KEEP dreaming and imagining while your young. Once you grow old, you will be just like those parents and teachers, screaming at people to stop imagining things. I shudder at the thought of doing that myself. But its a possibility. Anything is possible. 

You should realise I always (or mostly) put “A Girl who wishes to live in a Fantasy World” at the end of every post? Yes. I live in Fantasies. Especially those Fantasy Worlds from books I recently read. I know, I can be REAL crazy if i want to. I’m a kid. Duh. 🙂


A Girl who wishes to live in a Fantasy World

Cherry 😀


Salutations Readers!!!

Yeap! I am having a seriously major mood swing now. Good news is, it is a happy mood swing!!! 😀 Lalala… So happy…! 🙂
Oooh! And guess what? Today is my country’s birthday! Happy happy 48th Birthday! I will leave the country name guessing to you. ^.^
But are you curious why i am so exceptionally happy? Well, today, someone helped carry my outing bag for me while on the way to my school bus. I know I’m being childish for being happy at this! But im still happy. Heehee… 🙂
Thats all the reasons i can think of for being happy (For now). 😉

A Girl who wishes to live in a Fantasy World


Mood Swings

Heylo there. 🙂

“Just be happy and stay calm like a jellyfish!!!” was what by best friend would always love to say when I get overly pissed.
I tried following her advice but sometimes, it really can’t be helped. I have analyzed everything thoroughly and realized sonething: I have serious moodswings issues.
Im not kidding. I can just flare up at my bestest friend because she said one tiny unintentional, unmeaningful, unharmful phrase/statement. See what I mean?
I really can’t figure out why i changed so much but i have a feeling it is either because i joined GEP program or because of that person, that dreaded person. Yes, most likely the latter. This is another reason why sometimes i really hate him.
Aish. There i go flaring up again. Dun wanna influence my tone on this rather-happy post. So thats all today. Goodnight! Or day! Whatever! :3

A Girl who wishes to live in a Fantasy


Why am I getting so fed up?


I told him, told everyone that it was absolutely over. But no. I still fell towards him, wish so much it was not over.
But thats not the worst part. I can hide those emotions under cold glares and snickers. No, the worst part is when before morning assembly in school. Me and my best friend and him were all at the canteen. I know he likes my best friend! But… He just STARES at her like a goofy guy. I dun get it. I try hard not to get angry with my friend or ANYONE. But i cant help myself. I will just blow up at any small matter. Im afraid of this different ME. I want to go back. Back to when he was still here, back when i dun blow up easily. Back when i was still me.

A Girl Weeping Deep Inside