Examinations. Aish.

Hello. Cheerios. Whatever.

Aish. I don’t see why P6s just cannot lead a normal life and have to be treated unfairly by teachers and parents…

P1 kid,”mummy, can i watch TV?”
Mom: Yes.
P6 kid,”mom, can i watch TV? Pls lah.”
Mom: No. Go do homework

P1 kid,”i wanna go shopping!”
Mom: Okie. Lets go! šŸ™‚
P6 kid,”Can go shopping?”
Mom: No. Do homework.

P1 kid,”mummy, im too tired to do homework.”
Mom: its alright, go take a rest.
P6 kid,”mom, can rest?”
Mom: You so fast tired? Everyday don’t do homework. Go do lah!

See what i mean? How is this not being bias? Uh.

A girl who wishes to live in a fantasy

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