A Precious Life


Again, I have to mention. I’m sorry I haven’t been posting much cause i am taking a VERY important exam lately and am very stressed up. Today, (For me) is a Saturday, so i can take a short break. 🙂

Anyways, am writing this post after my mom told me this recent news. It was about how a Grandpa was trying to park his car when he accidentally pressed the wrong button and his Grandson at the backseat got into an accident and his leg was clear cut off.

I was, very horrified + creeped out + angry + sad. But thats not the point. After a LOT of reflection the past few days. I realise, how precious each and every of our lives are.

But, not everyone realises this. They take everyday for granted and slack through them.

If they see how easily a life can be lost or fractured. How playing at a playground can make your hand get broken (My brother), how taking a ship into sea can lose your life (Titanic). They will not waste their life. They will fufil their dreams as early as fast as possible. They will make sure , every hour, every minute, every second of their life is used to the fullest.

Maybe it is because not everyone knows this, so when they wind up in the hospital. They cry. They cry in regret. They regret not doing something before it is too late. Before they realise they have cancer. Before they realise their leg is to be amputated.

If everyone understands this. Maybe, life can be saved from accidents. Even if it is impossible to save, they will have no regrets for they already fufiled their dreams. Its just so simple.

I know that my name probably makes you imagine I am a silly girl always dreaming, dreaming about happy endings. Maybe sometimes when i just cannot comprehend the cruely reality of life, i may choose to slip into Fantasy to escape it. But I’m not an idiot. At least I understand what life truly is, and am doing my best to use up every single second. And right now, i am purposefully using it to tell you guys about my realisations in hopes that others will be able to live life to their fullest.

A girl who wishes to live in a Fantasy World

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