Success or Failure

Good Day, people reading this blog,

I am in the middle of putting on my second earring on my ear while thinking about my mother’s golden words.

Guess what i did next? I just threw down the second earring and start typing away at my blog. Yes, this very post.

do you call me again? Ay. Crazy. Idiot. Nuts.

Hey. I have my reasons.

Well, anyways, the beautiful, poem-like words are here: “Sweetie, I’m truly glad that you actually got through the DSA. It is a Success indeed. But I want you to know this, if you did not pass through DSA. I might not say this Failure was not worth it.”

Her meaning is that failure can instead teach me this lesson. Sometimes, we are forever at the top, the more academically-inclined, we will have this misunderstanding that we are really very good. However, we fail to realise that we are like a ‘frog in a well’. There are so many more schools in my country that I am just that one in a million top students. Most likely not the best.

So, my mother told me that if I did fail the DSA, it will be a good lesson to tell me to be humble, have the realisation that I’m not neccessarily the very best. Even if I was, passing is not a 100%.

In any case, I feel that my mother’s golden words have once again deeply touched me. And I hope you guys reading my post understand my jumbled-up, random typings. 🙂

For now, lemme try and get my second earring on. 😛

(P.S. I got in DSA for RGS! Yay! This is actually a really late newWhats but I still wanna share it with you guys (and gals). 😀 )

A Girl who wishes to live in a Fantasy World

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