I am a Stalker. -.-


I am utterly ashamed of my behaviour.

I only just realised I could be the world’s most creepy creepy stalker ever. Like seriously.

Let me give you the most obvious example.

So recently, I have been onto YouTube, watching last year’s and this year’s X Factor auditions.

Then. Boom! I saw this person who auditioned. And I got crazy over her. And. Yes. I stalked her. 

No. Don’t get the wrong idea. Seriously. I don’t even know her home address! I have my own ways of stalking people. I am a very, well, ‘social’ person. I have got uncountable numbers of social accounts, some I forgot the even the password for. 

Basically, I just go on every single account and follow/twit/add/like her page/account. Yeah. I am crazy. Then, I go do something even worse. 

I go onto Google Images. And I search for her wallpapers and download every single one on the first page. After that, I change all my wallpapers from my previous addiction to hers. Like everyone. My phone. My Ipad. My Computer. My Gmail. My Facebook Profile. My Twitter Profile. My Tumblr Profile. My Instagram Profile. 

I am mad mad mad. Like why? Why am I so f-ing stupid. But no worries. I am just gonna get over the craze in like one week? Yeah. FML. 


A Girl who wishes to live in a Fantasy World




You can probably tell from the title that I am gonna write some kind of sentimental post. Again. Aish.

But that is me, isn’t it? 🙂 *Hopeful*

Well… This is about a problem about the opposite gender. Yes. Its weird. Two days before PSLE. And I am thinking about boys. I am stupid. I get distracted easily. Dun judge me. -.-

Err… So basically. I gave Mr. Weirdo’s number to his classmate without his knowledge. Actually, I thought his classmate already knew. So, I gave it immediately. When I double checked with Mr. Weirdo. He didn’t know. And. He got f-ing pissed. Dun mind my use of language. I’m sowwy. 😦

To continue… So, Mr. Weirdo wonderfully decides to ignore my smses. Aish.

It was something that happened quite a while ago. But today, while sitting in the school bus, tralalalala-ing, my busmate happily decides to tell me about it.

My busmate: Oh yeah, ____ told me you got into an argument with him. Its really not right of you to do that you know. After all, its private. Blah blah blah…

I mean, I think he did go on ranting, but I very smartly stuck my earphones into my ears and blast the music so i didn’t really hear the rest.

But I am. F-ing. Pissed with him. My busmate. Not Mr. Weirdo.

How nice of him to just butt into other people’s problem and blame me? Did he even give me the chance to explain? No! What’s up, pal? What’s your f-ing business in this? Huh? Gosh.

Now, he spoiled my mood for the rest of the day. How nice.

A Girl who wishes to live in a Fantasy World


A Craze over Youtube

^^^ This is an AWESOME Youtuber that I have ‘recently’ started stalking. Like literally. I follow her Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. And obviously. YouTube. 🙂 She is my all-time favourite. Funny. Cool. Nice clothes. Nice sunshades. Nice Hair. Nice Accent. Go check her out. Like now!!

-> YouTube Account: IISuperwomanII
-> Instagram: IISuperwomanII

Go Superwoman! 😀

A Girl addicted to YouTube


First World Problems

Hello. 😀

How the world changes doesnt it? A world with grace, kindness? Where are you? I cannot find you. Mother Earth is spoiling her children. Want an example? Easy. I can tell a simple experience I saw. Well. A minute ago.

A typical yet true experience. An old man holding onto a bulky shopping carrier, trying to alight from a public bus. At the same time, a chic walks up the bus. All splendid, 5 earrings in one ear (im not even exaggerating) and a fashionable branded shirt and shoes, nicely bun-ed up hair. I mean everybody likes that, young, beautiful. Its not a crime. BUT. The old man’s shopping carrier was blocking her way. What does she do? Of course. We will be thinking, ‘Wait lah!’ Yes. She did that. And why not add a bonus? She looks annoyed at him and sneered. No lie. True experience. Cheers, fellow earth Cheers to your wonderful behaviour to a poor old soul. But as I said. Probably our generation was born to be like this. Cuz, another lady (30 years old) (not judging), was the kind soul who helped carry the bulky thing down. Nice? Duh.

See what I mean? People! What has became of our generation! But i’m not even saying that about them. To say the truth, i don’t readily help people when they are in need. I’m sorry to those I ignored. Probably the exact reason why I hate my own generation.

I am suppose to continue on with my rambling. But im lazy. So. Yeah. You can leave your comments below! 😉

A Girl who wishes to live in a Fantasy World


Prelim T – Score

Dear Readers/Bloggers/Friends,


I am sinking into an ocean of pessimism. Sigh.

Actually, I was suppose to post this a week earlier but as you know, I was really really really really depressed. So I just wasn’t in the mood to write on my blog so if this post isn’t update. Sorry!

As I was saying, I feel like… Erm… Sad? Depressed? Pessimistic? Yeah. You get the point. And from the title, you know what I am talking about. A week ago, my teacher gave us our Prelim scores.


I failed. Really really badly. And yes. I still can’t face that dreaded pink sheet of scores without feeling like my life sucks.

I just didnt imagine I really suck so much. I mean. I haven’t been the most hardworking this year. But this bad? My mom would have described this as obstinate. I really can’t face the truth.

I am sorry this post isn’t all morally or funny and ridiculous. It is just a random rambling of a poor dying typical P6 student who is faring worse than her friends and slowly succumbing to peer pressure. But have no real friends to confide to.

Here. I want to mention: CCJ, your an awesome friend but your optimism and jellyfishes aren’t exactly the thing for this. Your still my friend.

However, on a second note. I will still try my very best during PSLE. I know I have just that glimpse of hope and I’m gonna make the most of it.


I guess thats all? Thanks for reading to the end of this post.

A Girl who is Dealing with a Lot of Stress


P1… P6… PSLE.


Before I begin, I must remind you once again that I am a very pessimistic, sentimental, emotional and freaky girl. So don’t judge me. But you most likely will when you read this post. Bah. :3

Let me go back in time to when I am P1. Back to when I am that sweet, innocent (Blur, Stupid) girl.. Time ticks by… End of year. I walk by this wall and notice a flashy poster, “Keep Quiet At All Times.” and I will be like, “Ah… Yes. PSLE” Just that small unimportant thought somewhere at the back of my mind.

6 stressful/freaky/sad/unmeaningful years flies by… I am this P6 girl who is seriously stressing out and dreaming weird dreams. This freak who doesnt fit in anywhere. Critisized by everyone. Misunderstood no matter how I try to explain. Once again, I pass by that familiar wall and notice that familiar poster once more brought out into light, “Keep Quiet At All Times” Then, a realisation hits me. PSLE. And this time, the thought is right there stuck in my brain and all can think about is PSLE.

Weird eh? How merely 6 years can practically change everything in your life.

They always say how time flies. And now, I finally have to admit that I agree with them. I am regretting every second that I have wasted before, wishing I could have used it to look through a science guide or do some practice paper. But what s the point of regretting? Its too late. I guess the only thing I can do right now is to not waste any more time. Which I most likely will. Like now?

A Girl who wishes to live in a Fantasy World

Good day! :D

Hello there! 🙂

I was randomly scrolling through my phone history and when I came to the bottom of the list, I noticed this small unsignifcant mark which says: WordPress.com.

I thought hard, real hard. Then it struck me. My blog! This was my conclusion.

1. I have MANY things going on on my phone for the past few days, I totally left WordPress behind.
2. I haven’t written a post for way too long.

My apologies dear readers.

Unluckily, I do not have much news to gossip or weep about lately so this post will not be interesting. At all. Im just saying.

I just wrote this for the sake of explaining my absence, and that can be explained in one simple word five letters. Study.

I mean duh! What else could keep my away from my wonderfully amazing blog (not bragging!)!

But seriously, this studying business is literally driving my nutters! (Thats just something I use to mean nuts. Is nutters even a proper word? Bah. Who cares. I just thought it sounds slightly better than nuts. And I dun want to insult that poor innocent delicious scrumptous food/fruit.

Ok. Now i’m hungry. Ugh. I never seem to stay full whenever I mention food. Hmm… Is this a disease of some sort? Cuz if it is, I might just pay a visit to the doctor and skip a few days of school.

Sounds fun.


What was this post about again? My mind has wander too far away to grab it back so before I start talking about some weird thing again, I’m going to post this.

Farewell for now!

A Girl who wishes to live in a Fantasy World