Good day! :D

Hello there! 🙂

I was randomly scrolling through my phone history and when I came to the bottom of the list, I noticed this small unsignifcant mark which says:

I thought hard, real hard. Then it struck me. My blog! This was my conclusion.

1. I have MANY things going on on my phone for the past few days, I totally left WordPress behind.
2. I haven’t written a post for way too long.

My apologies dear readers.

Unluckily, I do not have much news to gossip or weep about lately so this post will not be interesting. At all. Im just saying.

I just wrote this for the sake of explaining my absence, and that can be explained in one simple word five letters. Study.

I mean duh! What else could keep my away from my wonderfully amazing blog (not bragging!)!

But seriously, this studying business is literally driving my nutters! (Thats just something I use to mean nuts. Is nutters even a proper word? Bah. Who cares. I just thought it sounds slightly better than nuts. And I dun want to insult that poor innocent delicious scrumptous food/fruit.

Ok. Now i’m hungry. Ugh. I never seem to stay full whenever I mention food. Hmm… Is this a disease of some sort? Cuz if it is, I might just pay a visit to the doctor and skip a few days of school.

Sounds fun.


What was this post about again? My mind has wander too far away to grab it back so before I start talking about some weird thing again, I’m going to post this.

Farewell for now!

A Girl who wishes to live in a Fantasy World


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