Prelim T – Score

Dear Readers/Bloggers/Friends,


I am sinking into an ocean of pessimism. Sigh.

Actually, I was suppose to post this a week earlier but as you know, I was really really really really depressed. So I just wasn’t in the mood to write on my blog so if this post isn’t update. Sorry!

As I was saying, I feel like… Erm… Sad? Depressed? Pessimistic? Yeah. You get the point. And from the title, you know what I am talking about. A week ago, my teacher gave us our Prelim scores.


I failed. Really really badly. And yes. I still can’t face that dreaded pink sheet of scores without feeling like my life sucks.

I just didnt imagine I really suck so much. I mean. I haven’t been the most hardworking this year. But this bad? My mom would have described this as obstinate. I really can’t face the truth.

I am sorry this post isn’t all morally or funny and ridiculous. It is just a random rambling of a poor dying typical P6 student who is faring worse than her friends and slowly succumbing to peer pressure. But have no real friends to confide to.

Here. I want to mention: CCJ, your an awesome friend but your optimism and jellyfishes aren’t exactly the thing for this. Your still my friend.

However, on a second note. I will still try my very best during PSLE. I know I have just that glimpse of hope and I’m gonna make the most of it.


I guess thats all? Thanks for reading to the end of this post.

A Girl who is Dealing with a Lot of Stress


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