Cleaning windows are satisfying?

Hello there!

Yes! I am back again!
See now that I have yet to forget my blog and am dutifully reporting to duty! 🙂

Today, my mom is cleaning the house so she made me go clean the windows.
I would like to show you how wonderful a job I have done! 😛

P.S. If you think windows are boring, I don’t mind you clicking the little ‘x’ to delete my page. 🙂 BUT. It’s best you don’t. 😀

Here it is!

Before my miraculous cleaning…


And this is the after…20131105-174605.jpg

OK! I’m done!

Goodbye! I probably won’t bother you again today. 🙂

P.P.S Please excuse the messiness of my brother’s room. He is not very tidy! *Covers Mouth* 😀

A Girl who Lives in A Fantasy

An Escape trip to “Wonderland”

Hi. *Sneaky Smile*


Well, “Wonderland” isn’t exactly wonderland, wonderland. 

Its more like a place that looks magical. Hmm… I sound like a geek explaining things like a live dictionary. 

Going back on track… 

So. This place. It’s New Zealand. *Excited cheering* 

I know right! Yay!



I am getting way over-dramatic. 🙂

But still, I am really really excited. Apparently, that is also one of the reasons why I have not been able to post anything lately. My parent wonderfully *clap, clap* asked me to schedule our 10 days NZ trip. So, I went to Google and search up lots and lots of stuff. 

And the pictures. Oh My God. 


Like. WOW.

It is SO beautiful! 😀

I can’t wait to set off to “Wonderland”! Whee~

By the way, I will be going away this Friday, 8th November 2013 to 17th November 2013, Sunday. 

And after that…

*Drum rolls*

I will be writing a journal entry about my whole trip. 

Will that be nice? Yes? No? 

I am still going to do that. 😛

Unluckily, there is no free internet in NZ. So, even though I will be writing my experience daily, I can only upload it all at once after I come back. 

Tune in to read it! I will upload some pictures to WOW you! 😉


A Girl Who WIshes To Live In A Fantasy World

Just Weird.

Hello People. Kids. Old People. Sexist People. Whatever.


So anyways, recently (like today), somebody just suddenly pops up and asks me a really random question and then we struck up a really random conversation too. LOL. I know right.

But there is just one tiny weeny miny squeeny problem. OK. Fine. It is major. That person is not just ANYBODY. That person is THAT person.

I know.

I sound stupid.


Hahaha… I figured out that hashtag myself. *Smiling gleefully*


I just realised how late it is and I am writing a blog post.



It has been AGES since I actually written. And the last one doesn’t really count anyways. SORRY!

I wrote a lot of drafts but never finished ANY of them.


I know.

I am lazy. 🙂

Well, for me, it is apparently 10.36pm at night. Very late. For me.

So, Good Night! 😀


A Girl Who Lives In a Fantasy World