Just Weird.

Hello People. Kids. Old People. Sexist People. Whatever.


So anyways, recently (like today), somebody just suddenly pops up and asks me a really random question and then we struck up a really random conversation too. LOL. I know right.

But there is just one tiny weeny miny squeeny problem. OK. Fine. It is major. That person is not just ANYBODY. That person is THAT person.

I know.

I sound stupid.


Hahaha… I figured out that hashtag myself. *Smiling gleefully*


I just realised how late it is and I am writing a blog post.



It has been AGES since I actually written. And the last one doesn’t really count anyways. SORRY!

I wrote a lot of drafts but never finished ANY of them.


I know.

I am lazy. 🙂

Well, for me, it is apparently 10.36pm at night. Very late. For me.

So, Good Night! 😀


A Girl Who Lives In a Fantasy World


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