I am sooooo lazy…

Cheerios my friends! And readers. And strangers.

Yeah you get my point.

How long as it been since I last wrote a post? A week? A month? Ahh… Yes a month. Sowwy… 😦 *trying to manage huge puppy eyes and failing badly*

I have a lot of excuses! Wanna hear them? I doubt so… Eh hehehe…. 😛

The real reason is and I bet you guys already know I am lazy.

Normally, the phrase would be my top priority excuse for my absence but seriously, I am really very lazy.

Actually, the minute I stepped out of the airplane into my country, I was thinking, “Hmm… I should start writing a post about my trip. But I am tired so maybe tomorrow.” Sounds reasonable? Yeah. Great. Cuz I said that every single day after that till now.

Sometimes, I really feeling like smacking my brain to make it run a bit faster. Yay! Laziness!!!

Oh!! Oh oh oh!!! Yeah! And I forgot to tell you a very important news. Ready? Ya ready? Okay. I have officially given up trying to write out my experience in NZ.


I am so ashamed of myself. Me bragging of how wonderful my NZ trip blog entry would be and giving up after a while. Pfftttt…. 😦



I hope to write another post tomorrow. See the word? It’s HOPE. Not ‘I will’. So, don’t depend on it. I probably won’t.

A Girl Who Wishes To Live In A Fantasy World

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