Is confessing safe?

Hello there and here. And, ermm.. Everywhere?

Bah… I can never get my greetings straight. Heh.

I was surprisingly inspired by one of my friends blog post about confessions and decided to copy her and do a similar but not so similar post. I hope you dun mind! If well, you are reading this. Err… Hi?

Gosh. I hate it when I type something and find it utterly stupid and awkward. Bleh.

Ok ok ok… I need to keep my mind on one thing. Yup, nutcrackers, I am getting very distracted again. By this thing in my head singing: Lalalala…. Dun blame me. Or maybe you should. Maybe.


Wait… What was I suppose to write? Oh! Oh oh oh! Ok. Yeah. Confessing.

Let’s begin, shall we?

Well, I asked if it is safe cuz there is a huge difference between confessing on the internet and hoping nobody or somebody will see it AND telling it to some one.

But apparently, I am one to do crazy things. Yes. Can’t tell? Too bad.

There just one somebody. Let’s see… Mr Paparazzi? That will do. He is someone I coincidently started SMS-ing. Like seriously. I didn’t even know this guy existed before. Ever. Until one day, somebody else randomly asked me if I knew him and I was like, “Should I?” And then he said… What? Never mind. SKIP.

In the end, this somebody told me to SMS Mr Paparazzi and ask him something. I know right. Weird. He probably freaked out when a weird girl suddenly pops out and SMS him.

I dunno why. I am probably very irrational. I started trying to ‘stalk’ him. Know him indirectly. Ask his friends… Social accounts… You get the picture.

I dun exactly know if this is a confession, cuz to say the truth, I dun even know if this is considered something. I dunno.



A Girl Who Wishes To Live In A Fantasy World

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