Journal Entry 3 (Passing on the Kindness)


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Here is the promised Journal Entry. Do read it. 


Reader’s Digest (October 2009) – Passing on the Kindness


This is a really short story about how kindness can be passed from one person to another, making this world a much better place. It tells of a seven month pregnant lady who was in a plight trying to brave a slight drizzle to get to her car. It was then that a stranger alighted from his van and held out an umbrella and assisted her to her van. She was touched and unable to repay the kindness, decided to pass it on instead. This simple decision could change a person’s day, she helped a few construction workers by giving them an umbrella, prevent them from catching a cold in the heavy rain.

I really and truly love this story as it tells us how easy it is for us to spread kindness, show warmth to others. It also gives us hope that maybe, just maybe, if we chose to make a little sacrifice, kindness can spread around the world. The sacrifice may not be one like, giving away a million dollars, or suffering pain, a red rose each time, or a bottle of water is enough to make a whole lot of difference. These small actions can change the world and make it a better place.

I believe this is a very familiar message to everyone but if it is then just simply ask yourself one word. Why. Why isn’t the world a better place? Why do I still see selfishness everywhere I go? It might be simple to say pass the kindness forward, but to do it is a different matter. For example, if the lady in this story does not wish to give up her umbrella of maybe does not wish to communicate with construction workers then maybe the workers will end up very wet or worse, caught a cold. There can be many things holding us back from doing kindness, these things, once overcame, can do much good.

Yes, I am just a child, you can say that I do not know anything and that I am just saying this innocently. Well, who knows? That might just be the case, but why not give it a try, spare yourself a minute, use a dollar to make a person feel happiness. After that, decide for yourself whether it is worthwhile.

I do not have anything else to say because if we are unwilling to change no matter what I say, it would be useless, but for those who have a heart, this is enough to change everything. 


Below is the actual article:

My friends and I had just finished lunch at a hotel when it started to pour heavily. When it became lighter, I decided to brave the drizzle to get my car, which was parked at my office three streets away.

My friends argued that I shouldn’t go, mainly because I was seven months pregnant then. I assured them that I’d be very careful. One of them wanted to come with me but I insisted that she stayed with another friend who needed help with her baby.

I walked out of the hotel and started making my way to the car. At the traffic junction, a van stopped and the passenger alighted with an umbrella. Before I knew what was happening, he walked right beside me and told me he’d escort me to my destination. I was very embarrassed and declined, but he was very persistent.

During our walk, he kept telling me to walk slower, as the ground was wet. When we got to the car-park, I thanked him and we parted ways. I did not get his name and may not even recognise him now. Did he purposely stop for me? I’ll never know.

So how did I pay it forward? I was at home when I noticed two Indian construction workers walking in the heavy rain. They were probably on their way to the construction site near my estate, which was a long walk in. I went out and passed them an umbrella. They were taken aback by my gesture, and I told them they should take the umbrella and keep it. They were very grateful and like me, probably wondered why a stranger was offering such kindness. 


P.S. Here is another video that just popped into my mind while writing this article. Spare a few minutes to watch this.


A Girl Who Wishes To Live In A Fantasy World



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