Journal Entry 4 (Benefits of Change)

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Reader’s Digest (February 2010) – Benefits Of Change


I realised that for the past few Journal Entries I have been constantly touching on the subject of kindness, which is probably because it has been recently a great issue. I am going to talk about that again today. It has just a little bit of difference in the storyline. Here goes!

The same settings I guess, a lady left during lunch break to grab some lunch and meets a busker. However, there was a slight twist in this story, after she reflects and decides to spare a few coins for him, she thought to herself sub-consciously. She had hoped to feel something after giving the coins, satisfaction? Or maybe something in return for her kindness? Then, she realised wrongly that this dissatisfaction was probably the sole reason why she was always unwilling to spare change for the buskers she meets. Fortunately, after lunch, she returns to her office building and coincidentally saw the busker packing up. She was so shocked when she realised that the man gave all the money to charity as he poured the contents into a money box for bushfire appeal. She immediately felt ashamed and repentant.

If it took her all this trouble to realise the beauty of giving, I am glad she did, and I hope that we can all have this chance to realise this. As the writer said, giving is happiness in itself and better than getting anything. People have this misconception that when you give something out or make a little sacrifice, we must always get something back in return. Thus, to give change to buskers are deemed unworthy as you will not be given back anything. That may be true but think of it in a different light and you will understand how something was indeed given back to us. Happiness and self-satisfaction. These are much more than solid things, it helps to fill up the selfish and self-centred hearts with happiness and care.

This is, I don’t know, the third time I am reviewing on this subject and again, I wish to wake everyone up and plead for people to start thinking of people not as well off as you are, help them. Just once is enough. See for yourself the effect of it. Spread the kindness and, together, we can make this world a better place to live in. 


As usual, actual article below:

I used to live selfishly: all my decisions were made putting my own needs and wants as the first consideration. It seems rather corny to say that one moment changed my life, but I honestly feel that it did have a huge impact on me.

I was on my lunch break and had left the office to get something to eat. On the way, I saw a busker. This wasn’t something out of the ordinary; there was always someone smart enough to busk near the office buildings during lunch.

As I walked past him, holding some coins in my hand, I thought to myself that he was only going to use the money to feed his addiction to drugs or alcohol. He looked like that type – young and ragged. Then I stopped, rather shocked at myself. What was I going to spend the money on? I only was going to feed my addiction to Coca-Cola or chocolate. I realised I had no right to place myself above him just because he was busking.

I stopped and dropped all the coins into his hat and he smiled at me. I watched for a while. As selfish as it sounds, I expected something more to come from that moment. I wanted a natural high or even a feeling of happiness, but nothing happened. So then I smiled and walked off, remembering why I never did things like that. It was a waste of money.

At the end of the day as I walked to the train station, I saw the busker packing up. I watched him pick up the hat and empty the money into a small plastic bag. Then he walked over to a café counter and poured the entire contents into a tin collecting for a bushfire appeal.

He was busking for charity. I realised just how selfish I had been. It took someone to take my money and donate it to charity for me to realise how easy it is for me to do the same. I now donate any change I have to charity tins and enjoy the feeling of happiness for the rest of the day. You could say I’m now addicted to the feeling of giving.



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