Is confessing safe?

Hello there and here. And, ermm.. Everywhere?

Bah… I can never get my greetings straight. Heh.

I was surprisingly inspired by one of my friends blog post about confessions and decided to copy her and do a similar but not so similar post. I hope you dun mind! If well, you are reading this. Err… Hi?

Gosh. I hate it when I type something and find it utterly stupid and awkward. Bleh.

Ok ok ok… I need to keep my mind on one thing. Yup, nutcrackers, I am getting very distracted again. By this thing in my head singing: Lalalala…. Dun blame me. Or maybe you should. Maybe.


Wait… What was I suppose to write? Oh! Oh oh oh! Ok. Yeah. Confessing.

Let’s begin, shall we?

Well, I asked if it is safe cuz there is a huge difference between confessing on the internet and hoping nobody or somebody will see it AND telling it to some one.

But apparently, I am one to do crazy things. Yes. Can’t tell? Too bad.

There just one somebody. Let’s see… Mr Paparazzi? That will do. He is someone I coincidently started SMS-ing. Like seriously. I didn’t even know this guy existed before. Ever. Until one day, somebody else randomly asked me if I knew him and I was like, “Should I?” And then he said… What? Never mind. SKIP.

In the end, this somebody told me to SMS Mr Paparazzi and ask him something. I know right. Weird. He probably freaked out when a weird girl suddenly pops out and SMS him.

I dunno why. I am probably very irrational. I started trying to ‘stalk’ him. Know him indirectly. Ask his friends… Social accounts… You get the picture.

I dun exactly know if this is a confession, cuz to say the truth, I dun even know if this is considered something. I dunno.



A Girl Who Wishes To Live In A Fantasy World



Hello again!

I just downloaded the wordpress app into my phone so I am able to post my drawings onto my blog. Yippee!!! Lalala… So here is one I drew at the start of the year! There is more to come! 😉


A Girl Who Wishes To Live In A Fantasy World

I am sooooo lazy…

Cheerios my friends! And readers. And strangers.

Yeah you get my point.

How long as it been since I last wrote a post? A week? A month? Ahh… Yes a month. Sowwy… 😦 *trying to manage huge puppy eyes and failing badly*

I have a lot of excuses! Wanna hear them? I doubt so… Eh hehehe…. 😛

The real reason is and I bet you guys already know I am lazy.

Normally, the phrase would be my top priority excuse for my absence but seriously, I am really very lazy.

Actually, the minute I stepped out of the airplane into my country, I was thinking, “Hmm… I should start writing a post about my trip. But I am tired so maybe tomorrow.” Sounds reasonable? Yeah. Great. Cuz I said that every single day after that till now.

Sometimes, I really feeling like smacking my brain to make it run a bit faster. Yay! Laziness!!!

Oh!! Oh oh oh!!! Yeah! And I forgot to tell you a very important news. Ready? Ya ready? Okay. I have officially given up trying to write out my experience in NZ.


I am so ashamed of myself. Me bragging of how wonderful my NZ trip blog entry would be and giving up after a while. Pfftttt…. 😦



I hope to write another post tomorrow. See the word? It’s HOPE. Not ‘I will’. So, don’t depend on it. I probably won’t.

A Girl Who Wishes To Live In A Fantasy World

Cleaning windows are satisfying?

Hello there!

Yes! I am back again!
See now that I have yet to forget my blog and am dutifully reporting to duty! 🙂

Today, my mom is cleaning the house so she made me go clean the windows.
I would like to show you how wonderful a job I have done! 😛

P.S. If you think windows are boring, I don’t mind you clicking the little ‘x’ to delete my page. 🙂 BUT. It’s best you don’t. 😀

Here it is!

Before my miraculous cleaning…


And this is the after…20131105-174605.jpg

OK! I’m done!

Goodbye! I probably won’t bother you again today. 🙂

P.P.S Please excuse the messiness of my brother’s room. He is not very tidy! *Covers Mouth* 😀

A Girl who Lives in A Fantasy

An Escape trip to “Wonderland”

Hi. *Sneaky Smile*


Well, “Wonderland” isn’t exactly wonderland, wonderland. 

Its more like a place that looks magical. Hmm… I sound like a geek explaining things like a live dictionary. 

Going back on track… 

So. This place. It’s New Zealand. *Excited cheering* 

I know right! Yay!



I am getting way over-dramatic. 🙂

But still, I am really really excited. Apparently, that is also one of the reasons why I have not been able to post anything lately. My parent wonderfully *clap, clap* asked me to schedule our 10 days NZ trip. So, I went to Google and search up lots and lots of stuff. 

And the pictures. Oh My God. 


Like. WOW.

It is SO beautiful! 😀

I can’t wait to set off to “Wonderland”! Whee~

By the way, I will be going away this Friday, 8th November 2013 to 17th November 2013, Sunday. 

And after that…

*Drum rolls*

I will be writing a journal entry about my whole trip. 

Will that be nice? Yes? No? 

I am still going to do that. 😛

Unluckily, there is no free internet in NZ. So, even though I will be writing my experience daily, I can only upload it all at once after I come back. 

Tune in to read it! I will upload some pictures to WOW you! 😉


A Girl Who WIshes To Live In A Fantasy World

Just Weird.

Hello People. Kids. Old People. Sexist People. Whatever.


So anyways, recently (like today), somebody just suddenly pops up and asks me a really random question and then we struck up a really random conversation too. LOL. I know right.

But there is just one tiny weeny miny squeeny problem. OK. Fine. It is major. That person is not just ANYBODY. That person is THAT person.

I know.

I sound stupid.


Hahaha… I figured out that hashtag myself. *Smiling gleefully*


I just realised how late it is and I am writing a blog post.



It has been AGES since I actually written. And the last one doesn’t really count anyways. SORRY!

I wrote a lot of drafts but never finished ANY of them.


I know.

I am lazy. 🙂

Well, for me, it is apparently 10.36pm at night. Very late. For me.

So, Good Night! 😀


A Girl Who Lives In a Fantasy World


I am a Stalker. -.-


I am utterly ashamed of my behaviour.

I only just realised I could be the world’s most creepy creepy stalker ever. Like seriously.

Let me give you the most obvious example.

So recently, I have been onto YouTube, watching last year’s and this year’s X Factor auditions.

Then. Boom! I saw this person who auditioned. And I got crazy over her. And. Yes. I stalked her. 

No. Don’t get the wrong idea. Seriously. I don’t even know her home address! I have my own ways of stalking people. I am a very, well, ‘social’ person. I have got uncountable numbers of social accounts, some I forgot the even the password for. 

Basically, I just go on every single account and follow/twit/add/like her page/account. Yeah. I am crazy. Then, I go do something even worse. 

I go onto Google Images. And I search for her wallpapers and download every single one on the first page. After that, I change all my wallpapers from my previous addiction to hers. Like everyone. My phone. My Ipad. My Computer. My Gmail. My Facebook Profile. My Twitter Profile. My Tumblr Profile. My Instagram Profile. 

I am mad mad mad. Like why? Why am I so f-ing stupid. But no worries. I am just gonna get over the craze in like one week? Yeah. FML. 


A Girl who wishes to live in a Fantasy World




You can probably tell from the title that I am gonna write some kind of sentimental post. Again. Aish.

But that is me, isn’t it? 🙂 *Hopeful*

Well… This is about a problem about the opposite gender. Yes. Its weird. Two days before PSLE. And I am thinking about boys. I am stupid. I get distracted easily. Dun judge me. -.-

Err… So basically. I gave Mr. Weirdo’s number to his classmate without his knowledge. Actually, I thought his classmate already knew. So, I gave it immediately. When I double checked with Mr. Weirdo. He didn’t know. And. He got f-ing pissed. Dun mind my use of language. I’m sowwy. 😦

To continue… So, Mr. Weirdo wonderfully decides to ignore my smses. Aish.

It was something that happened quite a while ago. But today, while sitting in the school bus, tralalalala-ing, my busmate happily decides to tell me about it.

My busmate: Oh yeah, ____ told me you got into an argument with him. Its really not right of you to do that you know. After all, its private. Blah blah blah…

I mean, I think he did go on ranting, but I very smartly stuck my earphones into my ears and blast the music so i didn’t really hear the rest.

But I am. F-ing. Pissed with him. My busmate. Not Mr. Weirdo.

How nice of him to just butt into other people’s problem and blame me? Did he even give me the chance to explain? No! What’s up, pal? What’s your f-ing business in this? Huh? Gosh.

Now, he spoiled my mood for the rest of the day. How nice.

A Girl who wishes to live in a Fantasy World


A Craze over Youtube

^^^ This is an AWESOME Youtuber that I have ‘recently’ started stalking. Like literally. I follow her Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. And obviously. YouTube. 🙂 She is my all-time favourite. Funny. Cool. Nice clothes. Nice sunshades. Nice Hair. Nice Accent. Go check her out. Like now!!

-> YouTube Account: IISuperwomanII
-> Instagram: IISuperwomanII

Go Superwoman! 😀

A Girl addicted to YouTube