Cleaning windows are satisfying?

Hello there!

Yes! I am back again!
See now that I have yet to forget my blog and am dutifully reporting to duty! 🙂

Today, my mom is cleaning the house so she made me go clean the windows.
I would like to show you how wonderful a job I have done! 😛

P.S. If you think windows are boring, I don’t mind you clicking the little ‘x’ to delete my page. 🙂 BUT. It’s best you don’t. 😀

Here it is!

Before my miraculous cleaning…


And this is the after…20131105-174605.jpg

OK! I’m done!

Goodbye! I probably won’t bother you again today. 🙂

P.P.S Please excuse the messiness of my brother’s room. He is not very tidy! *Covers Mouth* 😀

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