Stress and Nerves


Yes, thats me.
Yes. Thats STILL me.
I an getting real bad nerves right here, in my room. I am freaking out like a lunatic. My mom would have called me crazy if she was at home. Trust me. You dun wanna hear me scream.
You should be thinking why i am going mad.
Tomorrow is the official starting of my PSLE exam. And. I feel like my mind is blANK. Yes. Blank. Im so gonna flunk my Oral tomorrow. O.o
But then you would be curious why i still have time to come and write a post.
1. I haven’t written for quite a few days.
2. Only when I ‘relieve’ myself, then I can actually sit down and revise.

I have a feeling if I dun start revising now, im seriously gonna fail. So bye. For now.

A Girl who wishes to live in a Fantasy World