First World Problems

Hello. 😀

How the world changes doesnt it? A world with grace, kindness? Where are you? I cannot find you. Mother Earth is spoiling her children. Want an example? Easy. I can tell a simple experience I saw. Well. A minute ago.

A typical yet true experience. An old man holding onto a bulky shopping carrier, trying to alight from a public bus. At the same time, a chic walks up the bus. All splendid, 5 earrings in one ear (im not even exaggerating) and a fashionable branded shirt and shoes, nicely bun-ed up hair. I mean everybody likes that, young, beautiful. Its not a crime. BUT. The old man’s shopping carrier was blocking her way. What does she do? Of course. We will be thinking, ‘Wait lah!’ Yes. She did that. And why not add a bonus? She looks annoyed at him and sneered. No lie. True experience. Cheers, fellow earth Cheers to your wonderful behaviour to a poor old soul. But as I said. Probably our generation was born to be like this. Cuz, another lady (30 years old) (not judging), was the kind soul who helped carry the bulky thing down. Nice? Duh.

See what I mean? People! What has became of our generation! But i’m not even saying that about them. To say the truth, i don’t readily help people when they are in need. I’m sorry to those I ignored. Probably the exact reason why I hate my own generation.

I am suppose to continue on with my rambling. But im lazy. So. Yeah. You can leave your comments below! 😉

A Girl who wishes to live in a Fantasy World