Mood Swings

Heylo there. 🙂

“Just be happy and stay calm like a jellyfish!!!” was what by best friend would always love to say when I get overly pissed.
I tried following her advice but sometimes, it really can’t be helped. I have analyzed everything thoroughly and realized sonething: I have serious moodswings issues.
Im not kidding. I can just flare up at my bestest friend because she said one tiny unintentional, unmeaningful, unharmful phrase/statement. See what I mean?
I really can’t figure out why i changed so much but i have a feeling it is either because i joined GEP program or because of that person, that dreaded person. Yes, most likely the latter. This is another reason why sometimes i really hate him.
Aish. There i go flaring up again. Dun wanna influence my tone on this rather-happy post. So thats all today. Goodnight! Or day! Whatever! :3

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