You can probably tell from the title that I am gonna write some kind of sentimental post. Again. Aish.

But that is me, isn’t it? 🙂 *Hopeful*

Well… This is about a problem about the opposite gender. Yes. Its weird. Two days before PSLE. And I am thinking about boys. I am stupid. I get distracted easily. Dun judge me. -.-

Err… So basically. I gave Mr. Weirdo’s number to his classmate without his knowledge. Actually, I thought his classmate already knew. So, I gave it immediately. When I double checked with Mr. Weirdo. He didn’t know. And. He got f-ing pissed. Dun mind my use of language. I’m sowwy. 😦

To continue… So, Mr. Weirdo wonderfully decides to ignore my smses. Aish.

It was something that happened quite a while ago. But today, while sitting in the school bus, tralalalala-ing, my busmate happily decides to tell me about it.

My busmate: Oh yeah, ____ told me you got into an argument with him. Its really not right of you to do that you know. After all, its private. Blah blah blah…

I mean, I think he did go on ranting, but I very smartly stuck my earphones into my ears and blast the music so i didn’t really hear the rest.

But I am. F-ing. Pissed with him. My busmate. Not Mr. Weirdo.

How nice of him to just butt into other people’s problem and blame me? Did he even give me the chance to explain? No! What’s up, pal? What’s your f-ing business in this? Huh? Gosh.

Now, he spoiled my mood for the rest of the day. How nice.

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