I am a Stalker. -.-


I am utterly ashamed of my behaviour.

I only just realised I could be the world’s most creepy creepy stalker ever. Like seriously.

Let me give you the most obvious example.

So recently, I have been onto YouTube, watching last year’s and this year’s X Factor auditions.

Then. Boom! I saw this person who auditioned. And I got crazy over her. And. Yes. I stalked her. 

No. Don’t get the wrong idea. Seriously. I don’t even know her home address! I have my own ways of stalking people. I am a very, well, ‘social’ person. I have got uncountable numbers of social accounts, some I forgot the even the password for. 

Basically, I just go on every single account and follow/twit/add/like her page/account. Yeah. I am crazy. Then, I go do something even worse. 

I go onto Google Images. And I search for her wallpapers and download every single one on the first page. After that, I change all my wallpapers from my previous addiction to hers. Like everyone. My phone. My Ipad. My Computer. My Gmail. My Facebook Profile. My Twitter Profile. My Tumblr Profile. My Instagram Profile. 

I am mad mad mad. Like why? Why am I so f-ing stupid. But no worries. I am just gonna get over the craze in like one week? Yeah. FML. 


A Girl who wishes to live in a Fantasy World


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