A Post With No Central Theme

Hello there! I’m so bored…

I am currently stuck in a super duper whatever-er train, heading for the shopping mall to grab some clothes. Should NOT have done that. So many people! 😥

Anyways, I was extra busy today so I wasn’t able to finish the journal entry. *excuse* Yeah, yeah, I’m procrastinating, happy? I’m not much of a persevering person am I? Hehehehe….

For now, while I have some time, I shall write a not-so-journal like journal entry.

It is about a recent riot that I read about that happened yesterday in my country, one that was surprising as none ever happened for a long time.

It happened when a construction worker was accidentally knocked down by a bus and unfortunately passed away before being able to be sent to the hospital. The paramedics tried their best to rescue the body, however needed quite a while. Other bystanders around them (of the same race) were all of a sudden, infuriated and started hitting the bus window pane. More and more joined in and soon it was declared a riot. People were reported to have burnt police cars even.

From the start, I would like to state clearly that this post is by no means bias to anyone or anything and purely my opinions, if it offends anybody, I am sorry.

I am guessing this riot is not based purely on the fact that one of their fellow citizen has passed away but I believe a built up of many displeasing events. However, I feel that this kind of behavior still need to be withheld as much as possible because it will not necessarily solve the main issue that lead to it and it might also cause harm to many innocent people. We have always been taught to be considerate to others but yet such things, wouldn’t it make all efforts of morally-upright teachings futile?

I believe, and hope that they have rioted for a reason, and a reasonable one too. But what ever it is, I do not think that at this day and age, we should still try and use pure violence to solve problems. We can easily speak to the rightful authority and prevent disruptive acts you might regret.

This are only my humble opinions which might not necessarily be correct. You can air out your opinions below in the comments section.

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