P1… P6… PSLE.


Before I begin, I must remind you once again that I am a very pessimistic, sentimental, emotional and freaky girl. So don’t judge me. But you most likely will when you read this post. Bah. :3

Let me go back in time to when I am P1. Back to when I am that sweet, innocent (Blur, Stupid) girl.. Time ticks by… End of year. I walk by this wall and notice a flashy poster, “Keep Quiet At All Times.” and I will be like, “Ah… Yes. PSLE” Just that small unimportant thought somewhere at the back of my mind.

6 stressful/freaky/sad/unmeaningful years flies by… I am this P6 girl who is seriously stressing out and dreaming weird dreams. This freak who doesnt fit in anywhere. Critisized by everyone. Misunderstood no matter how I try to explain. Once again, I pass by that familiar wall and notice that familiar poster once more brought out into light, “Keep Quiet At All Times” Then, a realisation hits me. PSLE. And this time, the thought is right there stuck in my brain and all can think about is PSLE.

Weird eh? How merely 6 years can practically change everything in your life.

They always say how time flies. And now, I finally have to admit that I agree with them. I am regretting every second that I have wasted before, wishing I could have used it to look through a science guide or do some practice paper. But what s the point of regretting? Its too late. I guess the only thing I can do right now is to not waste any more time. Which I most likely will. Like now?

A Girl who wishes to live in a Fantasy World

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